Gaetano's in the Press


By Jeffrey B. Cohen

Record-Journal Staff

WALLINGFORD - For those who remember Gaetano's Restaurant next to the Town Green on Quinnipiac Street, the opening of Gaetano's Tavern on Simpson Court early next year might ring a few memory bells.

"We didn't want to make it sound like an Italian restaurant, because it's not," said Cheryl Milot. She is opening the restaurant with her sister Debbie Pacileo, both of whom work across the street at Archie Moore's. They are the granddaughters of Patsie Gaetano, who ran the restaurant that bore his name. "But we did want Gaetano's in there for old-time's sake, I guess. And I guess there are still some people in town that would remember it."

In the meantime, the two will continue serving at Archie's, they said. "They've been very nice and are letting me stay until the restaurant opens," Pacileo said.

The restaurant will open where Courtyard Antiques and the adjacent Courtside Cafe once held court, and the opening date target is Jan. 20.

The menu will include a little bit of everything, from pub food to filet mignon, pasta dishes to a little bit of Mexican fare, the sisters said. Where the cafe was will be the bar and dining area for smoking patrons, while the old antiques store will be the non-smoking dining area and the banquet room.

There is still work to be done, though. The sisters are awaiting a liquor license, some furniture and kitchen equipment, as well as the final printing of a menu. Hiring has already begun, they said.


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