Commonly Asked Questions regarding our On Site Catering Services

Most banquet facilities add an 18% gratuity or service charge to their bill but this is not a tip for the server.  

We feel calling this 18% charge a gratuity or service charge is misleading so we call that 18% additional charge a "House Charge."  

Banquet servers get paid a higher hourly wage than regular servers, so the gratuity, service charge or house charge, as we call it, covers their higher pay plus any expenses for the room such as linens, lighting, extra cooks, etc.  

You are more than generous if you would like to leave an extra tip for your server and I'm sure your server would really appreciate your generousity, but that is totally up to how you feel your service was.

As long as tape is not used on our walls, decorations are permitted. There is a putty substance that you can buy at Walgreens that will be permitted to stick things, because this will not peel the paint from the wall.

Once the deposit is given, it is non-refundable. The reason for this is someone else could call to book the room for that same date and if we see there is a deposit we will turn away business.

Absolutely not. Our server will take the cake into the back room when the appropriate time arrives and will cut and serve.

If there are any other questions,

please feel free to give Debbie or Cheryl a call at 203-294-1114